Our Ingredients

The secret of a sensational dish lies in truly superb ingredients. We insist on partnering with only the finest producers, in every region, all across the globe. That way we can guarantee the freshest, most aromatic spices and herbs, the finest oils and vinegars for our marinades and rubs, and the creamiest Irish butter for our flavoured butters and stuffings.

From the heady aroma of wild Irish garlic to the gloriously earthy notes of Italian black truffles, every ingredient is a true feast for the senses

Infinite possibilities

Each ingredient is pure perfection on its own, but when blended together, well that’s when the magic really happens! We have a range of over 200 product lines that can be combined and transformed into an infinite number of bespoke, unique recipes.

Our award-winning flavour profiles speak for themselves. Expert blending ensures that each ingredient works in harmony, creating perfect flavour nuances and outstanding signature dishes.