Explore Insight & Innovation

Food trends are constantly changing and evolving. Consumer tastes are changing too. You need to be ready to ride the next innovation wave and that’s where we come in.

At Do Me A Flavour we are insight driven and consumer focused. We monitor global insights and trends closely. We develop food solutions that are backed up by robust market analysis. That way we can create innovative products that hit the consumer sweet spot and make solid commercial sense.

Our Food Development Kitchen

Our NPD team and development chefs are experts in food product development. The team is made up of chefs and food scientists who have travelled the world with a hunger to seek out new tastes and flavours.

They have worked in Ireland, across Europe and Eastern Europe and Australia, learning about diverse communities and cultures. Their curiosity and experience fuels them to seek out new gastronomy developments and to understand how eating habits are changing.

They work together and with their customers in our specialist kitchen, immersing themselves in the cooking environment, thinking up new recipes and flavour combinations. They take joy in creating memorable food moments that bring exciting food cultures to everyday family tables.

Whether it’s tapping into cultural food fusions, mindful nutrition, hyper-local or sustainability trends, we can deliver what you need.

Join us in our specialist development kitchen and see your profits grow!